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Acne Treatment for African American Skin

African American acne treament, Atlanta, GA

Acne Treatment for African American Skin

Posted by Goodman Dermatology in Dermatology Services Explained 30 Sep 2015

Acne is difficult enough for anyone to deal with and most everyone have had some type of acne breakout during their life. Acne can create lumps of large, red inflamed tissue, whiteheads, blackheads pustules of pus filled bumps, and nodules or cysts that are big pus filled pockets of skin that are deep and can be painful. Also for many, acne can be painfully embarrassing. For many people, it takes a high emotional toll. Loss of self-confidence, changes in self-esteem, depression and anxiety are all common side effects of dealing with acne.

Additional Issues for Acne on Dark Pigmented Skin

African American women and men, or any race that has dark pigmented skin, can have additional problems dealing with acne. For their skin, if left untreated, dark marks from acne scarring can be left behind leaving an overall uneven pigmentation on the face that can last a lifetime.

Treatment of Acne for People of Color

If you are looking for effective acne for dark pigmented skin, Dr. Marcus Goodman, Dr. Carmen Julian and team specializes in treatment in dark skin and African American skin types. They have had high success rates for treating thier acne patients who have darkly pigmented skin at our 4 office locations in Roswell, GA, Woodstock, GA, Marietta, GA and Dawsonville, GA. They have found that selecting the right acne treatment for black skin is very important. Because of its delicate nature and predisposition to scaring, it makes a big difference in the selection process for each individual.

Board certified Dr. Marcus Goodman at Goodman Dermatology in Roswell, GA will first identify your skin type, the kind of acne you have, and how bad it is. Contrary to popular belief not only people with oily skin develop acne. In fact you can have any type of skin ranging from very dry to very oily and still develop acne pimples. Certain types of skin are prone to having certain types of acne but are not exclusively affected. The best treatment is going to be different for everyone depending on their own unique skin type and issues.

Dr. Goodman, Dr. Julian and his team are also very aware of certain treatments of darkly pigmented skin can cause adverse effects on their skin. They take great caution when selecting treatments to avoid skin lightening and keloid development.

While there are some treatments that you can do on your own, if your acne condition is extreme and lasts for long periods of time, you will probably need to seek advice from a dermatology professional like Dr. Goodman, Dr. Julian and team. Since they have treated so many people of color for, they have developed a positive reputation among the community and their patients recommend them to their relatives and friends. Patients come from all over the Atlanta area including Alpharetta, Marietta, Sandy Springs, Johns Creek and Cumming, GA.

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