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What is Dermatology?

Dermatology Services | Goodman Dermatology | Roswell, GAAccording to Harvard University School of Medicine, Dermatology is a medical specialist area that focuses on diseases and conditions of human skin, hair, and nails. The practice deals with a range of medical, surgical, and cosmetic aspects. The specialist is trained to treat diseases conditions, or cosmetic problems of the patient’s skin, nails, hair and scalp. Goodman Dermatology offers medical, surgical, and cosmetic treatments and procedures to patients in search of completely healthy, clear, beautiful skin, hair, and nails.

What Skin Conditions Does a Specialist Treat?

The specialist physician treats an array of skin conditions, also known as “cutaneous conditions,” that affect the body’s integumentary system. This is the body’s largest organ: the integumentary system actually protects the internal body systems from the outer world and environment. Skin conditions focus on diseases of skin, nails, hair or the surrounding muscles or glands of the integumentary system. Many diseases affect this organ. Some conditions resolve on their own, such as bruises or some forms of hives. Dermatologists regard the variety of cutaneous conditions based on where the condition or disease presents (location); morphology (how it looks); etiology (certain conditions or diseases with physical factors); and more. According to “Physiology, biochemistry, and molecular biology of the skin (2nd ed.),” the specialist physician diagnoses skin conditions based on the collection of relevant details, including the location of the legion (presenting on what area or body part); symptoms (pain, redness, rash, etc.); condition duration (short-term, acute; long-term, chronic); morphology (what type of lesion is it: macule, plaque, vesicle, nodule, bulla, papule, cyst, patch, etc.); arrangement/pattern (single-solitary, linear, etc.); or color (such as flesh-toned, black, red, purple, white, blue, or yellow). These details are collected prior to the physician’s decision to biopsy the lesion(s). Histologic details are then compared to widely available data from clinical or laboratory sources. The specialist uses this systematic approach to evaluate, diagnose, and treat human skin conditions and diseases, including infection and neoplasms.

What is Advanced Dermatology?

Medicine is a highly innovative profession. The specialty of dermatology is also evolving quickly, and many innovations in medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology continue to deliver more options to today’s patient in search of suitable treatment options. Advanced Dermatology practice requires the physician to assist the patient’s consideration of a variety of treatments for his or her skin health or skin care. Each patient’s specific needs and treatment goals requires a customized treatment plan. This treatment plan is created after discussion with the patient and the delivery of patient education materials. Specifically, advanced dermatology focuses on specific treatment populations, such as pediatric or geriatric dermatology; identification and testing for certain conditions, such as allergy testing or endocrine disorders; surgical dermatology treatments, such as laser or IPL-delivered therapies; wound healing; or autoimmune or inflammatory conditions which affect the skin’s health and appearance. Goodman Dermatology provides advanced dermatology services to help patients make the proper choices necessary to achieve optimal skin care and integumentary system health.

What is HPV?

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is transferred during sex. This viral disease may cause genital warts or cervical cancer. Some patients are silent carriers (in other words, they don’t present visible symptoms of the disease). There are two basic HPV types: a low-risk viral form doesn’t cause symptoms in some people but results in warts in others. High-risk HPV is known to cause cervical cancer. All patients should be tested for HPV. HPV vaccination protects patients from some HPV virus strains. It’s important for all patients to use safe sex practice. Patients should limit sexual relations to known sex partners to reduce their risk of HPV. Once the patient is infected with either type of HPV, he or she has the condition for life. There is no cure for HPV, but the otherwise healthy patient’s immune response can fight the virus. Continue reading about HPV here.

What is Skin Cancer?

Cancer of all types is a serious and potentially life-threatening occurrence. Skin cancer involves the skin cells’ inability to grow and self-repair in an organized fashion. Some forms of skin cancer have the potential to metastasize from one location to another part of the body. Skin cancer cells can attack internal organs, bones, and blood or lymph system. Some skin cancers appear rapidly and grow or spread quickly. Goodman Dermatology provides both evaluation and diagnostic tests to confirm the presence of skin cancer. A variety of surgical or medical options are available to patients with serious epidermal cancers. The basic types of skin cancers include: Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC), Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC), Melanoma, and Abnormal Moles. Each form of skin cancer has different symptoms, but it’s impossible to confirm diagnosis of any skin cancer without biopsy. Continue reading about Skin Cancer here.


This condition category reflects several different types. Atopic dermatitis is the most frequently seen type of eczema. Many babies develop the rashy, crusty condition known as cradle cap, a type of atopic dermatitis. Most infants and young children with the condition don’t require treatment as it may clear on its own. Some patients continue to suffer with eczema through adulthood and may experience successive outbreaks over time. Although researchers say they don’t really know the reasons why, they theorize that the patient’s environment (such as humidity or sustained dampness), sweating, rigorous exercise, or stress can induce an outbreak. Continue reading about Eczema here.


Skin rash is a collective, general term that refers to bumps appearing on the skin. These rashes may itch or burn, appear in different shapes or a variety of sizes. Most make the patient uncomfortable or cause discomfort. Some cause the patient to avoid social interaction. Many treatment options are available for patients with skin rash but it’s important to learn what’s causing the skin condition before attempting to treat it. The different types of skin rashes fall under these general headings, including contact dermatitis; fungal/bacterial/viral infections; responses to drugs; or allergies. Some rashes, such as a herpes virus infection, may be identified by appearance or further evaluated to confirm diagnosis. A recurrent rash means that something is wrong.


There are many conditions and diseases of the body’s integumentary system and it’s impossible to describe all the different types. Patients in and around greater metropolitan Atlanta, including Roswell, Alpharetta, Canton, Woodstock, Holly Springs, Marietta, East Cobb and Cobb County, Johns Creek, and Sandy Springs should call Dr. Marcus B. Goodman today for an appointment: (770) 754-0787.

Here are the skin conditions that are treated at Goodman Dermatology: