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Dermatologist, Dr. Carmen Julian Discusses Rash & Itchy Skin

Rashes and itchy skin, Alpharetta, GA

Dermatologist, Dr. Carmen Julian Discusses Rash & Itchy Skin

Posted by Goodman Dermatology in Dermatology News and Current Events 24 Oct 2016

Carmen Julian, MD is interviewed on Trust Dale Radio


A “call in” listener tells Dale Cardwell that he has been experiencing red, itchy skin for some time now. He even thought that he might have bed bugs, but after careful examination of his bedding, finds no evidence of bed bugs. Now he just wants to know what could be going on with his skin. He says  – it’s driving him crazy!

Trust Dale radio turns to dermatologist expert, Dr. Carmen Julian from Goodman Dermatology in Roswell, for some medical advise. Dr. Carmen explains that they get many patients coming in complaining of a rash and/or itch. He goes on to say that it is very uncommon that people are actually suffering from bed bug bites that turn into a chronic itch.

The first step is seeing a patient who is suffering from an itch is to check the skin condition and see if they have developed some type of rash and where it is located on the body. They also compile a very detailed medical history including the medications they are taking. They also discuss recent travel, activities, allergies or other issues that may contribute to the itch. Dr. Carmen may do a biopsy for other clarification. It is possible that it could be caused from some underlying issue and the biopsy can help with that determination.

Dale also asks if a rash or itch could be psychosomatic. Dr. Carmen confirms that is a definitely possibly. When Dr. Carmen suspects that it is psychosomatic or stress related, it is something as a dermatologist that he has to approach very delicately. The whole examination can be a process of elimination. If it does end up seeming to be psychosomatic, then the patient would be referred to a specialist that could help with that.

The next subject discussed on the radio interview was how medication changes can sometimes cause breakouts. Read our next blog to find out the details on this dermatological condition.

Goodman Dermatology was founded by board certified dermatologist, Dr. Marcus Goodman. He is joined by Dr. Christopher Buckley and two associates, Dr. Carmen Julian and Dr. Irima Milman. Each of the physicians at Goodman Dermatology have expertise in detecting and treating all types of dermatological conditions. They have patients from all over the Atlanta Metro area including Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Milton, Johns Creek, Cumming and Woodstock.


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