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Lose larger areas of fat with Vanquish

Lose larger areas of fat with Vanquish

Posted by Goodman Dermatology in Dermatology Services Explained, Fat Reduction 22 Jan 2016

Vanquish fat removal, Alpharetta, gaVanquish is a new radio frequency technology offered at Goodman Dermatology in Roswell, GA that creates a field of multi polar radio-frequency which is basically a special form of electricity that specifically heats up the fat compartment. When it heats up the fat compartment to a safe but warm temperature it causes permanent fat reduction in that area by actually killing some of the cells.

Atlanta, GA | Vanquish Treatment | Goodman DermatologyVanquish has the largest treatment area of all the non-surgical fat reducing machines which allows it to simultaneously treat the abdomen as well as the love handles in a single treatment. Vanquish uses a “no touch” technique where it does not touch the skin. The Vanquish machine just hovers over the area treated creating a warm sensation like a warming blanket. There is absolutely no pain. The tissue targeted with the Vanquish machine is fat, not skin or hair follicles, only fat. The Vanquish machine covers the whole area of the abdomen and flanks so that the treatment is applied evenly and thus results are even too.

It’s very important to stay hydrated so patients are encouraged to drink adequate amounts of water starting a few days before treatment, and then during and after treatments. It is also suggested that patients avoid things that tend to dehydrate their bodies such a diuretics, coffee, and alcohol. Be careful about heavy intense workouts where you are sweating a lot 24 hours prior to treatment. By adhering to the instructions you are given, this will increase the weight reduction and efface of the Vanquish system.

Treatments take about 45 minutes. Patients need 4 to 5 treatments to achieve the maximum results. However, there are no short cuts. Patients will need to follow good dietary eating and healthy exercise.

There is no down time associated with Vanquish fat reduction like there is with liposuction. It’s all non-surgical and you are free to resume any and all activities after treatment including aerobic exercise.

Vanquish treats the largest amount of body surface than any other non-surgical procedure for fat reduction. With Vanquish you can treat the abdomen and flanks all at the same time. The fat that is destroyed is permanently destroyed and not coming back. Many of the patients who have used the Vanquish treatment at Goodman Dermatology in Roswell, GA  lost 2 inches or more. Some lost as much as 4 inches.

Patients are coming from Goodman Dermatology from all over Atlanta and north Georgia including Alpharetta, Milton, Cumming, Johns Creek, Marietta, Sandy Springs, and Norcross. Call today and see if you are a candidate for Vanquish 770-754-0787.

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