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Pediatric Dermatology

Pediatric dermatology represents the delivery of dermatologic care of pediatric patients of all ages. Goodman Dermatology, a board-certified dermatology practice, diagnoses and treats human skin conditions and illnesses. As the body’s largest organ, the integumentary system – including skin, hair, and nails – are exposed to ultraviolet light from the sun and the environment. Children are likely to suffer rashes, infections, growths or burns. As children enter the teen years, acne is often a concern.

Goodman Dermatology, located in Roswell, Woodstock, Marietta (East Cobb) and Dawsonville, treats more serious skin diseases and conditions that can also affect children, including eczema, skin cancers, or psoriasis. According to the Society of Pediatric Dermatology, parents and caregivers often need to call on the pediatric dermatologist because the child’s pediatrician doesn’t specialize in these diseases. Goodman Dermatology treats skin cancer, acne, birthmarks, blistering diseases, and others.

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is often thought of as an older person’s disease. According to “Skin Cancer: New Insights for the Healthcare Professional: 2013 Edition,” parents should understand that children do get skin cancer. Some congenital conditions may predispose the child to some types of skin cancer, such as basal cell carcinoma.

It is important to limit the amount of “sun time” that children receive. Exposure to sunlight between ten a.m. and four p.m., along with the daily use of high SPF sunscreen, protects children’s sensitive skin from damaging ultraviolet light. If children develop rashes or lesions, it is always important to report these to the dermatologist.


According to Mayo Clinic, acne can affect patients of all ages. Most patients with acne will benefit from treatment. The dermatologist helps the patient to avoid blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples.

Over-the-counter topic creams, lotions and ointments are typically ineffective at controlling oil and acne-causing bacteria. Many increase skin irritation, dryness, and promote red, inflamed-looking skin. Prescription-only treatments, on the other hand, can end the patient’s frustration with treatments that don’t work.

Successful acne management is possible and often life-changing for the patient. Pediatric dermatology helps the patient to control oil and achieve clear skin.


Pediatric Dermatology | AlpharettaTrue birthmarks, such as hemangiomas or port-wine stains, are present on the newborn’s skin. Most birthmarks don’t require treatment, but some patients or their parents feel anxious about location, size, or color. Birthmarks can appear anywhere on the patient’s skin.

Colors of these lesions are often reddish (hemangiomas). Port-wine stains, as the name implies, are a deep, wine-colored purple-red. Stork bites, or nevus simplex, are coral pink. Many of these “bites” disappear in weeks or months after birth.

Other marks appear after the baby’s birth. Any new lesion should be reported to the pediatric dermatologist.

Regardless of when the lesion appears, many treatments are available to remove or improve their appearance on the patient’s skin. Laser treatments are particularly effective in some cases.


Blisters can appear on a child’s skin for many reasons. Most blisters are round or oval-shaped and filled with fluid. Patients may experience pain and itching or no symptoms at all when blisters appear. Blisters may result from infection or as an allergic reaction.

Blisters commonly appear when the patient has a form of herpes virus, Cocksackie virus, impetigo, or chicken pox (varicella). Contact allergens such as poison ivy or poison oak are likely to cause blisters. A burn or friction blister may cause blisters. Other blisters form when eczema irritates or inflames the skin.

The patient may develop blisters after taking some medications. Photosensitivity, or reaction to sunlight, can also cause blistering skin.

Allergy tests can help to identify allergens in some patients. If the patient or parent knows the child is allergic to a substance, it is possible to avoid it and prevent blisters and other reactions.

Vascular Abnormalities

Some types of skin lesions appear shortly after birth or during the child’s early years. A vascular abnormality or malformation is often referred to as a kind of birthmark but may appear after the child is born. The resulting mass commonly appears on the child’s head (such as mouth, cheek or ear) or neck. These lesions are comprised of lymph vessels and blood vessels. Lymph fluid collects as a cyst or in a fluid-filled pocket in the child’s skin. Since these masses are frequently improperly diagnosed, it is important to consult an experienced dermatologist about any new lesion on the child’s skin:

Lymphangiomas are rare. They may appear as a subdermal cyst or visible lesions. They occur when vessels of the lymph nodes become dilated. The four main types of lymphangiomas include cavernous, cystic, acquired, and “circumscriptum” lymphangiomas.

These lesions are considered benign but may create health risks for the patient. The cystic variety (known as cystic hygroma) may grow so large that it compresses an important body function. For instance, a cystic hydroma on the child’s neck can grow and interrupt air flowing through the respiratory tract. Other types can cause chronic yeast or bacterial infections of the skin. Drainage and removal are frequently considered the best forms of treatment.


Children are likely to develop a range of skin problems and conditions. An experienced dermatologist helps parents and patients to identify and treat a range of common to serious conditions and illnesses. Patients in Roswell, Johns Creek, Forsyth, Marietta, Woodstock, Alpharetta, Holly Springs, Norcross, Dawsonville, Gainesville, Dahlonega, Milton, Cumming, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, and throughout greater metro Atlanta should call Dr. Marcus B. Goodman at Goodman Dermatology for an appointment. Call (770) 754-0787 today.

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