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Dermatology Residency Program

“The nation continues to face a significant physician shortage. As our patient population continues to grow and age, we must begin to train more doctors if we wish to meet the health care needs of all Americans.” – AAMC President and CEO Darrell G. Kirch, MD, in response to the 2017 IHS Market Study on physician supply and demand.1

Studies and projections over the past decade and more have continued to show that there is a shortage of physicians in the United States compared to the need for care by the community.  This is especially true in Georgia, which ranked 39th in the country for ratio of doctors per 100,000 people according to the 2010 report released by the Georgia Board for Physician Workforce.2 An essential aspect in addressing this shortage and meeting the needs of our community is the training of physicians. 

Physician training in Dermatology entails an undergraduate degree followed by four years of medical school.  Once a physician graduates from medical school, they receive their degree as a physician, but four years of residency training in both clinics and hospitals under the supervision of current board-certified physicians are still required before a physician can become board certified as a Dermatologist.  In 1961, residency training in Dermatology first became available in Georgia at Emory University with the formation of the Division of Dermatology as part of its Department of Medicine.3  For over 50 years, this was the sole residency in Dermatology in the greater Atlanta area.  Goodman Dermatology, in conjunction with the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, formed the second dermatology residency in the greater Atlanta area, and third in the state of Georgia, in 2013.  This allowed for the first time, two nationally accredited and internationally known residency training programs in Dermatology in Atlanta.  This training within the context of a trusted community-centered private practice is a unique feature of this residency.  Goodman Dermatology is proud to train and educate the next generation of Dermatologists, and meet the needs of our community.


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