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Spider Veins

What are spider veins?

Spider Veins | Goodman Dermatology | AlpharettaBroken capillaries or visible veins can mar the appearance of smooth, clear skin. Some patients experience discomfort or itchy skin in an area where numerous tiny blood vessels appear. Certainly most believe the appearance of mottled purple, blue, red, or brown lesions, bulges, or so-called spider veins are unattractive. Others decide against wearing summer clothes or swim suits because they’re embarrassed or concerned about their skin.

What causes them?

Weakness of vessel walls or valves may facilitate the pooling of blood rather than normal circulation through vessels. Depending on the size of the vessel involved, some “varicose veins” aren’t possible to conceal with cosmetics. Patients with concerns are usually pleased to learn that laser vein therapy is a fast remedy! Goodman Dermatology provides patients with medical, surgical and cosmetic treatments for human skin disease and conditions.

Is this condition a symptom of a serious illness?

It’s possible. Some kinds of visible or bulging veins may be symptomatic of cardiovascular disease. In addition, other problems or disease states may increase the pressure in the patient’s circulatory system. If one of the dermatologists at Goodman Dermatology, located in Roswell, GA suspect that you have a vascular disease, something more serious than just spider veins, they will refer you to a vein specialist.

Are there other causes?

Yes. Broken blood vessels can appear after the patient is injured, such as during play or sports. It’s important to let the dermatologist know about sports and lifestyle. Make sure to let the doctor know about any medicines, including over-the-counter and prescription varieties. The patient’s genetics can also play a factor in the development of the condition.

Some patients develop this condition after receiving hormone therapies. Others get broken blood vessels as part of the aging process. Ultraviolet rays from the sun or a tanning salon can also cause the tiny broken vessels to appear.

Laser Vein Treatment

Laser to treat spider veins is becoming more popular since it is a completely noninvasive treatment. The laser light passes through the skin and is absorbed by the “red” color of hemoglobin. Goodman Dermatology uses a Yag Laser that causes the vein to heat up very quickly, resulting in coagulation of the blood fluid in the vein. Several successive treatments are usually required since there is still pressure from the deeper veins that attempts to re-expand the vein. After each treatment the pathway is narrowed and is eventually closed off. For more on laser vein treatment.


Patients in Alpharetta, Marietta, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Woodstock, Cumming, Roswell, Johns Creek and throughout greater Atlanta do not need to suffer with visible broken capillaries or spider veins. Healthy, clear, beautiful skin is an achievable goal. Call Dr. Marcus B. Goodman to arrange a consultation today at (770) 754-0787.