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Why Does Men’s Skin Health Take the Backseat?

Why Does Men’s Skin Health Take the Backseat?

Posted by Goodman Dermatology in Preventative Skin Care 30 Jun 2015

Goodman men's skincareJune is National Men’s Health Month. In general, it seems that a segment of the male population tend to rank skin care well below taking care of their cars, their electronics, their pets, their relationships, and their yard. It tends to fall somewhere on their priority list between cleaning out the storage area and getting a colonoscopy. Many guys cannot be bothered at all; they believe skin-care simply is something women do and using skin care products isn’t “manly”. However, in recent years, a trend is developing where men want their skin to look healthy and prevent signs of aging like wrinkles and blotches. At Goodman Dermatology, located adjacent to Old Town Alpharetta and serving patients from all over the North Georgia and Atlanta Metro area, we strongly believe that everyone needs to learn how to take care of their skin.

Heavily marketed men’s retail lines are often poorly formulated and usually contain ingredients such as: menthol; peppermint; eucalyptus; camphor; citrus; or alcohol to appeal to the perception that a strong smell equates to a strong man, and that tingling is good and refreshing. However, these ingredients can actually irritate skin, which is not pleasant no matter how “masculine” the product’s intended image evokes. As well, many men shy away from using products packaged for women based on principle.

Why Men Need to Take Care of Their Skin

When skin is moisturized and well taken care of it looks better. Just like with women, better cared for skin has a glow and makes a man look younger and livelier. Although looking older does not have the same stigma it does for men as it does for women, who would pass up looking more youthful?

Looking great makes you feel good. Adopting a simple, consistent skincare regimen can make your self-esteem skyrocket!

Attending to your skin can enhance romantic possibilities. Everyone gravitates toward a person who clearly takes the time to take care of himself. It’s a turn-on in anyone’s book to take the time to make yourself look and feel good.

Protection and prevention is the key. Caring for your skin now can help you avoid skin cancers and other skin conditions later on which might require remedial visits to a dermatologist or even a plastic surgeon.

Know Your Skin

It is important to know your skin type in order to select the products best suited for your specific complexion. Skincare products are not all the same, and different products are designed for entirely different types of skin. The doctors at Goodman Dermatology can evaluate your skin type and recommend which products you should incorporate into a daily care regimen. We carry a wide selection of pharmaceutical quality products at our office.

  • If you have dry skin and use products for people with oily or greasy skin, your skin will dry out more causing it to be cracked, raw, and scaly.
  • Different products can cause redness, rashes, swelling, itching and dryness if your skin is sensitive.
  • Your skin type changes over your lifetime. You may have normal skin when you’re younger; however, you may develop dry or combination skin as you age. Your skin may also become more sensitive skin as you age and it becomes thinner with less collagen support.
  • Men and women’s skincare products are really not that different that would make a man using a product marketed for women problematic. It is much more important to select products specifically formulated for your skin type, rather than pick a bottle designed to appeal to a specific gender.

The Sun is Not Your Friend!

Tanning is bad for you. Period. The golden radiance is often equated to health and good looks is actually an evident effect of skin damage. UV-A and UV-B rays from the sun destroy the skin’s elastin, making it wrinkle and sag. It does not show up early – you think when you’re in your 20’s your skin will look that good forever; however, the more sun exposure you have, the more likely you will end up with age spots, deep wrinkles, jowls, and a sagging jaw-line.

Sun exposure does not just diminish your looks, it also damages your DNA. The UV radiation causes cellular damage at the DNA level, causing your body to produce enzymes to repair the cells. If you have more sun damage than your body can restore, then you may start developing cellular mutations. These mutations lead to skin cancer and melanoma.

Wearing sunscreen is a long-term investment. A little effort now pays off massively when you are in your fifties and everyone is convinced you cannot be more than 35. If you really need to get a golden tan, looking into some fake-tan options like self-tanner and spray-on tans. These options are a better option than premature aging and potential skin cancers.

Skincare Regimen

  • Wash your face every morning and night with a fragrance-free, water-soluble cleanser.
  • Body soap is very bad for your skin, so you need to make sure to use a facial cleanser, followed by a toner. The toner helps clean out your pores and diminishes excess oil.
  • Exfoliate regularly, at least twice a week, to reduce bumps and breakouts. You should exfoliate before you shave because it opens pores and softens scruff, so you have a closer shave with far less razor-burn.
  • Do not rush when shaving! Use an irritant and fragrance-free shaving cream lather cream applied by a brush instead of your hand to get the closet and smoothest shave.
  • Shave with the grain, using short, level strokes. Shaving against the grain feels like it gives you the smoothest shave possible; however, using this tactic may produce more ingrown hair – which nobody wants!
  • After washing your face, exfoliating, and shaving make sure you moisturize! It not only helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles, it also restores skin elasticity.
  • Apply a sunscreen with an SPF 30 daily, or choose a moisturizer that contains sunscreen in its formulation.

All of these daily essentials are available from pharmaceutical grade product lines carried at Goodman Dermatology. Most men don’t want to spend any more time than is necessary to find the best products. That’s why Goodman Dermatology says that any man taking a proactive approach to skin care using the products recommended by Dr. Goodman or his experienced associates will see significantly finer results than with over the counter products.  Some of the skincare products available at Goodman Dermatology include Neocutis, SkinMedica, Avene, Goodman Private Label, and SkinCeuticals. These products have natural, skin nourishing technology to help diminish aging, and hydrate your skin. If you live in Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Cumming or other north Atlanta communities, stop by our Roswell office today to get stocked up on these amazing products!

Contact Goodman Dermatology at (770) 754-0787 to schedule an annual skin examination and establish a skin care regimen. Goodman Dermatology is conveniently located in Roswell, GA and serves patients all over Atlanta and North Georgia including Alpharetta, Cumming, Marietta, Sandy Springs, Milton, Johns Creek, Duluth, Suwanee, and Dunwoody.

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